SnappyXO Builder, MotionGen, MicroBlue, & More!

SnappyXO Builder

The ultimate app for building your own SnappyXO robots. With an easy-to-use interface and a wealth of parts and components, creating your dream robot has never been simpler.

  • A new and innovative approach to the virtual building of robots and structures in 3D.
  • Enables cognitive shift between physical to virtual and vice-versa
  • Experiment in a sandbox with different configurations and refine your ideas to create truly unique and functional robots.
  • Use activity cards with various levels and challenges to guide through the design process and promote hands-on learning.
  • Runs inside any modern browser; no downloads or updates are required


Bring your robot motions and mechanisms to life! MotionGen Pro is designed to be intuitive, simple, and fun for everyone. 

  • The world’s first AI-driven mechanism synthesis software that helps users design and simulate robot motions.
  • A tool for invention and innovation
  • Prototype your completed robot using SnappyXO hardware kits.
  • Design and 3D print or laser-cut your own robot parts compatible with our hardware
  • Runs inside any modern browser; no downloads or updates are required
  • Backed by many years of academic research in the Mechanisms and Robotics area

MicroBlue App

An iOS/Android app for controlling an Arduino with Bluetooth Low Energy.


  • Use this iOS and Android app to control your robots and electronics over Bluetooth
  • Customize your UI to add and delete buttons and sliders
  • Use as a controller
  • Compatible with the following microcontrollers:

– Arduino Uno R3 with HM10

– Arduino Uno R4 Minima with HM10

– Arduino Uno R4 Wifi

– Raspberry Pi Pico with HM10

– Raspberry Pi Pico W

– ESP32-S3

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SnappyXO Builder

Virtually build with SnappyXO! This software that works in any browser can help young minds make the connection between the real world and 3D modeling softwares such as CAD. Virtually create a mechanism or robot using the pieces in your SnappyXO kit to work out all the flaws and then using the physical kit, build it to see how it works.


Create your own mechanisms! Open up any browser and start designing mechanisms in real time and edit them effortlessly based on the the joints’ paths. Export your design and either laser cut or 3D print your creation to bring them to life.


Easily connect to your robot via bluetooth! Just visit the App Store or Google Play store and download MicroBlue. Works with Arduino, Raspberry Pi, ESP32-S3 and more! Customize your UI with buttons, switches, text and sliders.

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