Grade 2nd-5th


What You Get When You Choose SnappyXO

SnappyXO Kits

For elementary students, we recomend purchasing our SnappyXO Invention Kit.  This kit introduces young minds to the world of robotics where they can build motorized machines and other fun structures. There is no programming required in this kit.


We provide standards-aligned curriculum so educators do not have to worry about an added workload when purchasing our kits.  Our curriculum comes with worksheets and challenges so the students will be constantly engaged in interesting activities.


Engineers use CAD (Computer Aided Design) software to create products virtually before they physically prototype them. In order to help young minds get familar with building robots virtually, we created SnappyXO Builder, a web browser app where you can easily connent your SnappyXO parts virtually before you build them.

SnappyXO Kits

Invention Kit

The Invention Kit provides students with all the materials they need in order to build their machines and structures. Follow our projects instructions or build your own!


It comes with hardware such as Plates, Beams, Wheels, Clips and Mounts just to name a few. With these simple parts, you can build what ever your mind can think of.


Too keep things simple for elementary school students, we provide only what they need to get started. A motor, a motor control board and a 9V battery. 

Elementary Curriculum

Our comprehensive standards-aligned curriculum includes worksheets and lesson plans that go through step by step what engineering priciples are being covered.

Lesson 1: Intro to the SnappyXO System

Lesson 2: SnappyXO Builder App

Lesson 3: Simple Machines

Lesson 4: The Design Process

Lesson 5: Observing Motions

Lesson 6: Spring Into Action

Lesson 7: Redirecting Motions

Lesson 8: Electronics

Lesson 9: Motorized Motions

Lesson 10: Robo Walkers


SnappyXO Builder

SnappyXO Builder is a web-based platform where students can virtually build their projects. This will help them build a connection between the virtual world and the real world. This also prepares them for a career in engineering because engineers need to design their ideas into a CAD software first before they build anything.

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