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We understand the importance of protecting personal information especailly when it comes to student information. That’s why we created a Classroom Feature across all our apps which does not require students to provide their email address and we do not collect any data.

What is the Classroom Feature?

The Classroom Feature allows educators to create a “class” inside our Apps. It also allows them to create student accounts without the use of any personal information; no email address required.

Many schools require paperwork to permit the use of software to protect student information. Since our Classroom Feature does not ask for any personal information, it makes it incredibly easy for educators to use our Apps within their classes.

It also makes things easier for students who do not have an email account. 

Benefits of the Classroom Feature


No Student Email Required


Ability to Create Classes


Students Can Save Their Work


Unlimited Projects Saved to Cloud


Tech Support


Classroom Feature Across All Our Apps

Data Privacy

With the increase in technology, there is also an increase in cyber security. One sure way to protect someone’s personal information is by not including it at all. Our Classroom Feature allows you to do just that. Students do not need to enter in their email address to create their account. They do not even need to use their actual name. No personal information needs to be entered; we do not collect student data.


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