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Hardware & Electronics

A variety of SnappyXO Kits to meet the need of every grade level.


Standards-aligned curriculum to meet the needs of educators .


To enhance the learning expience so that students get the most our of SnappyXO.

Software Subscription

With the purchase of our kits, you receive a free 1 year subsciption to all of our apps! Interested in only the software subscription? We have a solution for that too.

College Credit

Using our curriculum, students can earn credit towards their degree at Stony Brook University. Learn how by sending us a message!

Want to See What We Recomend for Each Grade Level?

SnappyXO offers a solution to everyone by catering to specific needs of different age groups.

Elementary: Grade 2nd-5th

Middle School: Grade 6th-8th

High School: Grade 9th-12th

Colleges and Universities

Who is SnappyXO?

We are a startup company based in Saint James, New York. Our “snappy” technology was invented at Stony Brook University in the Computer Aided Design and Innovation Lab originally for college students and we decided to commercialize it for all ages. The need for STEM education at a young age increases every year and we would like to do our part and play a role in inspiring young minds to think and design like engineers. The earlier students start learning these key principles, the better they will be by the time they are looking for a career. We want every school to teach their students the design process by supplying them our SnappyXO Kits.

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