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SnappyXO Can Be Used in Several Classes


Introduction to Mechanical Engineering


Engineering Statics


Practical Electronics


Intro to Machine Design


Advanced Kinematics and Robotics

And Much More!

Colleges and Universities Currently Using SnappyXO


Stony Brook University


Old Dominion University


Tennessee Tech University


Carnegie Mellon University


Milwaukee School of Engineering University


UMass Lowell


University of Illinois

Just to name a few…

What You Get When You Choose SnappyXO

SnappyXO Kits

For colleges and universities, we recomend purchasing our SnappyXO Advanced Robotics Kit.  Students purchase these kits in lieu of a textbook. Free eBook included along with access t our apps.


Our curriculum comes in the form an eBook for students to study all ascpects of engineering and robot design. It also comes with slide presentations for the instructors.


Engineers use CAD (Computer Aided Design) software to create products virtually before they physically prototype them. MotionGen is the world’s first planar mechanism design and motion simulation software.

Stony Brook University Currently Uses SnappyXO in:


MEC 101: Freshman Design Innovation


MEC 220: Practical Electronics for Mechanical Engineers


MEC 310: Introduction to Machine Design


MEC 567: Kinematic Analysis and Synthesis of Robotic Mechanisms

SnappyXO Kits

Advanced Robotics Kit

The Advanced Robotics Kit provides students with all the materials they need in order to build their robots and contraptions. Follow our project instructions or build your own!


It comes with hardware such as Plates, Beams, Wheels, Clips and Mounts just to name a few. With these simple parts, you can build what ever your mind can think of.


Students can program their robots to perform various tasks by having different components communicate with each other. Our kit comes with motors, sensors and more.

College and Universities Curriculum

Our eBook is a student textbook that covers everything needed to learn machine design, electronics and kinematics at the college level.

Unit 1 - Introduction to SnappyXO

Unit 2 - Dimensions & Units

Unit 3 - Scalars & Vectors

Unit 4 - Forces & Moments

Unit 5 - Stresses & Strains

Unit 6 - Motions & Their Relation to Forces & Moments

Unit 7 - Work, Energy & Power

Unit 8 - Machines & Mechanisms

Unit 9 - Practical Electronics

Unit 10 - Arduino

Final Robot Design Project



MotionGen is the world’s first web-based app which brings together machine learning and rigid body kinematics for design of robot mechanisms. This is a software that helps students learn and understand robot motion and design. It can be used in many different classes to explain these topics.


Download Now!

Easily connect to your robot via bluetooth! Just visit the App Store or Google Play store and download MicroBlue. Works with Arduino Uno R3 and R4,  Raspberry Pi, ESP32 and more! Customize your UI with buttons, switchs, text and sliders.

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