High School

Grade 9th-12th


What You Get When You Choose SnappyXO

SnappyXO Kits

For high school students, we recomend purchasing our SnappyXO Advanced Robotics Kit.  This kit includes computer coding so students can build their robot and program them to do many different things. We include a bluetooth modules which can connect to any smart phone and drive their robots.


We provide standards-aligned curriculum so educators do not have to worry about an added workload when purchasing our kits.  Our curriculum comes with worksheets and challenges so the students will be constantly engaged in interesting activities.


Engineers use CAD (Computer Aided Design) software to create products virtually before they physically prototype them. MotionGen is the world’s first planar mechanism design and motion simulation software.

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SnappyXO Kits

Advanced Robotics Kit

The Advanced Robotics Kit provides students with all the materials they need in order to build their robots and contraptions. Follow our project instructions or build your own!


It comes with hardware such as Plates, Beams, Wheels, Clips and Mounts just to name a few. With these simple parts, you can build what ever your mind can think of.


Students can program their robots to perform various tasks by having different components communicate with each other. Our kit comes with motors, sensors and more.

High School Curriculum

Our comprehensive standards-aligned curriculum includes worksheets and lesson plans that go through step by step what engineering priciples are being covered.

Unit 1 - Introduction to SnappyXO

Unit 2 - Dimensions & Units

Unit 3 - Scalars & Vectors

Unit 4 - Forces & Moments

Unit 5 - Stresses & Strains

Unit 6 - Motions & Their Relation to Forces & Moments

Unit 7 - Work, Energy & Power

Unit 8 - Machines & Mechanisms

Unit 9 - Practical Electronics

Unit 10 - Arduino

Final Robot Design Project



MotionGen is a web-based app where you can design your own mechanisms and simulate the motion of links as you add actuators. It updates the path of joints in real time for fast prototyping!


MicroBlue is a smart phone app that allows students to control their robots using Bluetooth. Students can customize their controls using computer programing an then connect their phone to make the robot drive, turn on/off LEDs and more!

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