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Check out some of our curriculum we created for elementary school, middle school, high school and colleges by clicking on each link.

Elementary Curriculum

Elementary school is where the basic principles of engineering are learned. 

Intro to the SnappyXO System

SnappyXO Builder App

Simple Machines

The Design Process

Observing Motions

Middle School Curriculum

We introduce computer programing into the Middle School curriculum.

Physical & Digital Construction Using SnappyXO

Snapping with Numbers

Creating Complex Machines Using SnappyXO

Mechanism Creation using MotionGen

Robots & their Roots in Nature

High School Curriculum

In this curriculum explain the integration of robotics and engineering.

Introduction to SnappyXO

Dimensions & Units

Scalars & Vectors

Forces & Moments

Stresses & Strains

College and University Curriculum

Since our kits are design driven and modular, designing a whole semester’s worth of curriculum is quite easy. Here, we open up the minds of students by asking them, “Can you design a robot that can pick up a ball from one end of the room and place it in the other?” With this simple question, students come up with many unique solutions that all work. They create custom parts using MotionGen, code for their robots to move and sense obstacles and then finally integrate everything together into a fully functional robot.

Looking For Our Older Version Curriculum?

How does the mind learn STEM?

Standards-aligned Curriculum

Our curriculum is aligned with the following standards:

Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS)

Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET)

Ready to Purchase SnappyXO Kits?

Below is a side by side comparison on what each kit offers.

Invention Kit


Designed for Elementary students.

Introduces the engineering design process in a fun, open-ended, and PBL setting.

  • Includes a hardware kit and access to all of our apps including lesson plans and worksheets. 
  • No tools or fasteners required; take apart creations and design and build more.

Robotics Kit


Designed for Middle School students.

Students learn robot motion design, practical electronics, and microcontroller programming.

  • Includes a hardware kit, and access to apps and curriculum including lesson plans and worksheets. 
  • Includes a mechantronics kit to build circuits consisting of motors, LEDs, sensors and more! 
  • Program robots using block-based or text-based interfaces.

Advanced Robotics Kit


Designed for High School and college students.

Gives them a solid foundation to engineering, mechanical design, electronics, microcontroller programming, and robotics.

  • Includes a hardware kit and access to apps and curriculum including lesson plans and worksheets. 
  • Includes a mechatronics kit to build circuits consisting of motors, LEDs, sensors and more!
  • Contians the most amount of hardware and mechatronics to enhace a students ability to create complex robots.
  • Dual Credit course with Stony Brook University

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